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01 / How do you protect my Intellectual Property?

On the component level, exposure of your design is minimal. If your primary market is North America, you are also well protected by copyright laws. GOI’s Senior Manager has worked in Canada for over 15 years and is experienced in the laws and business practiced within Canada.

09 / How do I ensure my specifications will be met?

With proper documentation, including parts drawing specifications and/or samples, you will eliminate any opportunity of errors and speed up the order process. We can support any design changes with the proper tools/drawings, including revision changes.

03 / Do I have to call China for questions I may have regarding my order?

No. Working with GOI gives you 24-hour access to our reliable local contacts for anything you need. You will also have online tracking capabilities. At GOI, we work directly with the overseas suppliers so you don't have to. Because we operate with different time zones, cultures and languages, our North American support team is critical for your offshore sourcing activities. 

05 / What happens if I am not satisfied with my product of shipment?

In the event that there is any problem with your order, our North American support team will be there to resolve any issues you may have (e.g. wrong parts, damaged goods etc.). We will provide free replacement if there are any manufacturing-related or quality issues, or damages due to shipping . In this circumstance, it is not necessary to return the unsatisfactory goods. In special circumstances, we can reproduce you order within 4 weeks if needed.

07 / How much can I save on offshore sourcing?

Depending on your product type, you can save 50% to 75% on plastic and metal tooling alone. You will see cost savings on all of our products and services over and above expected tooling costs.

02 / Do I have to buy high volume?

It is not necessary to buy in high volume to purchase off-shore. If you compare the low volume cost of North American suppliers vs. low volume and low tooling costs from our China suppliers, your overall costs will still be substantially lower off- shore.

04 / Would my company benefit from opening offices offshore?

Often companies think that opening their own office offshore will guarantee lower material and manufacturing costs. For most small to medium-sized companies, there is no need to open operations offshore. If you consider total costs, not only material and direct labour, it will cost from $50 000 -- $100 000 USD to send a single employee on a temporary basis to work in China. Expect to spend an additional $150 000 -- $250 000 USD to establish a permanent facility.

06 / What about long lead times from offshore suppliers?

Lead times from offshore suppliers are the same as lead times from North American suppliers. Typical lead time standard is 3 weeks from order date to ship date. Shipping times vary from 1 week for air freight to 4 weeks for ocean freight.

08 / What are the payment terms?

Typically, we would require a deposit on each new order for manufacturing to begin. Payment will first go towards tooling. Once a relationship has been formed, payment terms will be based on the credibility of the customer, payment habits, and shipment schedules to alleviate any transactions of product for non-payment.

10 / Why should I do business with GOI?

We operate and communicate with you just like any other Canadian company. We provide all of the local support, ensure product quality, product specifications, intellectual property protection and logistics management (e.g. shipping, customs, imports taxes, etc.). We make every effort to minimize your costs and maximize your savings.

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